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Bedding plants form the backbone of a garden, but they can be pricey. Under the new "Simply Beautiful' label, a range of new and popular perennials as well as other selected bedding plants...
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Munda Wanga delivers the very best flowering bedding plants fresh from our nursery to your favourite retail outlets.
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Munda Wanga is a growing concern that is wholly owned and run by the Street Family. The name Munda Wanga has its origins in Zambia and means ?my garden?.
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For general and retail enquiries use the form below, or call Munda Wanga Nursery at +27 (0) 21 863 1821.
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Life began in a garden.



Munda Wanga delivers the very best flowering bedding plants fresh from our nursery to your favourite retail outlets. We sell our products to many independent garden centres like, Stodels & Superplants and to retailers like Mica and Servistar, throughout the Winelands, Western Cape, Southern Cape and Eastern Cape.

To locate our products at a supplier near you, simply select the starting letter of the town or city you are in.

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Gazania Gazoo Red Ring
Gazania Daybreak Bronze
Gazania Gazoo Orange
Gazania Gazoo Vanilla
Gazania Gazoo Yellow
Gazania Gazoo Mix
Gazania Daybreak Pink Shades
Penstemon Rondo Mix
Marigold Inca Orange
Marigold Inca Yellow
Marigold Inca Gold
Marigold Inca Mix
Marigold Janie Flame
Marigold Janie Primrose
Marigold Janie Tangerine
Marigold Janie Yellow
Marigold Lemon Drop
Marigold Aurora Fire
Marigold Aurora Orange
Marigold Aurora Light Yellow
Marigold Durango Mix
Marigold Durango Yellow
Marigold Durango Tangerine
Marigold Durango Red
Marigold Durango Bolero
Marigold Disco Mix
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Deep Pink
Cosmos Ladybird Yellow
Cosmos Giant Sensation Mix
Cosmos Psycho White
Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Mix
Cosmos Sonata Mix
Cosmos Ladybird Orange
Penstemon Electric Blue
Alyssum Snow Crystals
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Lavender
Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet
Alyssum Easter Basket Mixed
Alyssum Aphrodite Mix
Stachys Lanata
Vinca Pacifica Carmine Red
Vinca Pacifica Lilac
Vinca Pacifica Mix
Vinca Pacifica Peach
Vinca Pacifica Pink
Vinca Pacifica Polka Dot White
Vinca Pacifica Burgundy
Vinca Pacifica Rose Punch
Vinca Pacifica Pure White
Vinca Pacifica Deep Orchid
Vinca Pacifica Lipstick
Vinca Pacifica Apricot
Vinca Pacifica Blush
Godetia Azalea Flowered Mix
Godetia Charivari Mix
Cerastium Tomentosum
Cleome Mix

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