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Bedding plants form the backbone of a garden, but they can be pricey. Under the new "Simply Beautiful' label, a range of new and popular perennials as well as other selected bedding plants...
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Munda Wanga delivers the very best flowering bedding plants fresh from our nursery to your favourite retail outlets.
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Munda Wanga is a growing concern that is wholly owned and run by the Street Family. The name Munda Wanga has its origins in Zambia and means ?my garden?.
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For general and retail enquiries use the form below, or call Munda Wanga Nursery at +27 (0) 21 863 1821.
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Life began in a garden.



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Petunia Million Bells Blue
Petunia Million Bells Pink
Petunia Million Bells Red
Petunia Million Bells Terracotta
Petunia Million Bells White
Phlox Subjulata Candy Stripe
Plectranthus Mona Lavender
Petunia Million Bells Yellow
Portulaca Fairytales Cinderella
Petunia Million Bells Cherry
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Peach Flare
Pansy Munda Wanga Yellow & Blue Wings
Pansy Munda Wanga Blue Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Red Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Yellow Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Orange
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Mixed
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Rose
Pansy Munda Wanga Orange Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Yellow
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear True Blue
Pansy Munda Wanga Cassis
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear White
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Purple
Pansy Munda Wanga Pink Shades
Pansy Munda Wanga Red Wing
Pansy Munda Wanga Carmine with Rose Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Marina
Pansy Munda Wanga Antique Shades
Pansy Munda Wanga Silver Azure
Pansy Munda Wanga White Blotch
Pansy Munda Wanga Clear Primrose
Pansy Munda Wanga Blotch Mix
Pansy Munda Wanga Blue Wings
Pansy Munda Wanga Beaconsfield
Pansy Munda Wanga Lilac Shades
Pansy Clear Crystal Blue
Pansy Clear Crystal White
Pansy Clear Crystal Yellow
Pansy Joker Mix
Pansy Padparadja Orange
Pansy St Tropez Mix
Pansy Swiss Giant Mix
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Blue
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Mix
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Pink
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Pink Flare
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Red
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Rose
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Salmon
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo White
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Peach Flare
Petunia Grandiflora Bravo Purple
Petunia Grandiflora Dreams Appleblossom
Petunia Grandiflora Sky Blue
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Blue
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Burgundy
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Lilac
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Mix
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Pink
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Red
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Rose
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade Salmon
Petunia Grandiflora Cascade White
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Blue
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Mix
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Orchid
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Peppermint
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Pink
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Strawberry
Petunia Grandiflora Daddy Sugar
Petunia Grandiflora Hulahoop Blue
Petunia Grandiflora Hulahoop Red
Petunia Grandiflora Hulahoop Rose
Petunia Grandiflora Hulahoop Velvet
Petunia Grandiflora Storm Lavender
Petunia Grandiflora Storm Mix
Petunia Grandiflora Storm Pink
Petunia Grandiflora Storm Salmon
Petunia Grandiflora Storm White
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Blue
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Blue Vein
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Lilac
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Mix
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Pink
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Plum
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Red
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Salmon
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Sky Blue
Petunia Multiflora Carpet True Blue
Petunia Multiflora Carpet Velvet
Petunia Multiflora Carpet White
Petunia Multiflora Merlin Picotee
Petunia Grandiflora Prism Yellow
Petunia Multiflora Strawberry Milkshake
Petunia Multiflora Summer Morn
Petunia Multiflora Summertime Blues
Petunia Grandiflora Supermagic Orange
Petunia Grandiflora Double Mix
Penstemon Electric Blue
Penstemon Rondo Mix
Phlox Drummondii Tall Mix
Phlox Dwarf Beauty Mix
Phlox Dwarf Twinkle Star Mix
Primula Malacoides Pink
Primula Malacoides White
Primula Malacoides Lavender
Primula Malacoides Mix
Pansy Munda Wanga Blue and White Shades
Pansy Munda Wanga Light Blue
Pansy Munda Wanga Silhouette Mix
Pansy Munda Wanga Pink
Pansy Munda Wanga Red and Yellow
Pansy Munda Wanga Ocean
Pansy Munda Wanga Lavender
Pansy Munda Wanga Beacon Rose
Pansy Munda Wanga Beacon Blue
Pansy Munda Wanga Wine Flash
Pansy Munda Wanga Purple Rose and White

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