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New Introduction 2004 - Nemesia Aromatica

Nemesia Aromatica

Add a touch of aromatherapy to your garden with these delicate, airy and super fragrant blooms.

The Nemesia Aromatica produces blooms all summer long. The new hybrids are more compact and better branched than previous varieties.

Easy and undemanding, they thrive in sun or semi-shade.

Growing 35cm high and with a profusion of open, snapdragon like flowers, they produce a quick show of summer bedding colour.

They also work well in containers and as a filler in window boxes and hanging baskets. Also good for massing in beds .

Keep well-watered at all times.

Pinch the tips of plants to keep them bushy and flower filled.

Trim back by one third after flowering to encourage repeat blooms.

They are an excellent choice for early spring planting in containers or beds.

When the temperatures start to heat up the plant tends to decline.

Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer

Nemesias originate from South Africa.

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 30
Garden Spacing (cm) - 30
Planting Position -  full sun to partial

Watering - Average Water Needs;
                Water regularly; do not

Soil -   Well drained soil
Feed -  Monthly, balanced fertilizer
Pests - leaf miner
Diseases - Root rot if kept too wet
Flowers -  Spring and autumn and                     part of summer
Uses      - Containers or beds, great                     as a border plant
Idea & Tips 

Pinch the tips of plants to keep them bushy and flower filled.