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New Introduction 2004 - Colorcade Geranium

Colorcade Geranium

The ivy leafed Geranium Colorcade is a mainstay for colourful containers and hot sunny beds. 

A real bonus is that it requires less pinching than most other ivy leafed geraniums and produces a better branched more founded form.

As with other geraniums it should not be overwatered, making it particularly suitable for window boxes and hanging baskets where watering is sometimes neglected.

Plant in full sun to partial shade in fertile well drained soil.

Ivy Geraniums will perform best if grown in an area with midday shade.

Feed monthly with a balanced  fertilizer

Allow the soil to dry to the touch between waterings.

Geraniums need full sun to grow and flower well. That means a location that receives six or more hours of direct sun daily

Ivy geraniums have virtually no pest problems or diseases wherever they are grown.

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 30-35
Garden Spacing (cm) - 35-40
Planting Position -  full sun to partial

Watering - let soil dry between

Soil -   fertile well drained soil
Feed -  Monthly, balanced fertilizer
Pests - None
Diseases - None
Flowers -  All summer long
Uses      -  Hanging Basket, Patio                        Planter, Window Box
Idea & Tips 

Water as often as needed to prevent wilting, because the leaves of wilted plants turn yellow and drop off, resulting in unattractive, leggy plants.