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New Introduction 2004 - Fiesta Double Impatiens

Fiesta Double Impatiens

Fiesta impatiens provide vivid color and are easy to grow!

These impatiens are ideal for beds, baskets and containers and will even tolerate morning sun.

They're excellent for the novice gardener because once planted, occasional waterings are all it takes to keep these plants perky throughout the hot summer.

The plants tell you when they need a drink. When their foliage begins to droop, it's time to water.

Impatiens are self-cleaning. That means that they will shed the old flowers so you don't have to pinch them off. But they do profit from pinching to encourage branching.

Tested in gardens, in shady spots around shrubs, and in planters of all sizes, these new impatiens have proven to be very disease resistant and hardy. The basic care of impatiens is the same no matter what type you are growing. They all need well-drained soil that stays consistently moist, but not wet.

Impatiens are known for their shade tolerance, but they do need a lot of light to bloom well. They just have trouble with the direct afternoon sun, especially if they are even the least bit dry.

Impatiens are heavy feeders and should be fertilized every two weeks.

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 25-30
Garden Spacing (cm) - 25-30
Planting Position -  Shade to part
Watering - Keep soil moist
Soil -   Well drained
Feed -  Every two weeks - balanced

Pests - nearly pest free. Snails
Diseases - some root and stem

Flowers -  Spring, summer and                        autumn
Uses      -  Hanging Basket, Patio                        Planter, Window Box,                        landscape
Idea & Tips 

Plant in morning sun and afternoon shade. Keep well watered.