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New Introduction 2004 - Fanfare Trailing Impatiens

Fanfare Trailing Impatiens

The new Fanfare? trailing Impatiens is a first for South Africa.

The low growing, spreading plants with blooms in luminous Lavender or Bright Orange cascade from hanging baskets and containers or spread quickly in the garden to provide banks of colour in areas of dappled sunshine. The flowers are so large that they resemble a New Guinea impatiens.

In frost free areas these can be treated as perennials.

They're one of the most heat-tolerant impatiens on the market and recover quickly from stress.
They require regular watering to keep them healthy.  Feed regularly with an all-purpose fertilizer.

Fanfares are very resilient and will bounce back quickly from lack of water, but it's still a good idea to provide extra water and fertilizer to plants in patio planters or hanging baskets. 

Their spreading growth habit means you'll need fewer to cover the same amount of space as traditional Impatiens

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 45 to 50
Garden Spacing (cm) - 45 to 60
Planting Position -  Shade to part
Watering - Frequent
Soil -   Rich well drained soil
Feed -  Balanced fertilizer every two
Pests - Snails
Diseases - None
Flowers -  Day length-neutral so
                will flower year-round
Uses      -  Beds, hanging baskets
              and containers

Idea & Tips 

Fanfare Impatiens enjoy a little sun in the morning, but prefer afternoon shade.

If they should begin to look leggy toward the end of summer, Fanfare Impatiens can be rejuvenated by shearing them back by about 1/3. New growth and flowers will follow shortly.