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New Introduction 2004 - Diascia Whisper


Another indigenous newcomer is the Diascia Whisper with incredible red and lavender pink colours. All have exceptional heat tolerance and are tighter and more upright growing than older varieties.

Diascia Whisper are stunning in beds, baskets, containers and mixed combinations.

This attractive, dainty South African perennial will do well in temperate gardens . They also do well in the mediterranean climate of the Western Cape, provided they receive adequate water in summer.

The mature plant prefers full sun and will grow well in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Diascias need excellent drainage and won't thrive in wet, clay soil.

Though diascia's tolerate poor conditions they will flower better and spread more confidently if
the ground has a crumbly structure.

If well fed and watered, they will flower all summer.

In pots, they combine well with fellow South African plants such as blue felicias. Or mix them with trailing blue lobelias and white or pink argyranthemums.

For best results place the plant your diascia's in a sunny, warm location since too little light will greatly reduce blooms and cause the plant to become "leggy".

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 30-45
Garden Spacing (cm) - 22-30
Planting Position -  Sun
Watering - Average Water Needs;
                Water regularly; do not
Soil -   fertile, moist but well-drained
Feed -  Fertilize every four to six
           weeks, or work in a slow-                   release fertilizer (or plenty of              compost) at planting time.
Pests - Apart from slugs and snails,
          they should not suffer any
Diseases - None
Flowers -  All summer
Uses      -  exceptional addition to                      baskets, containers and                     mixed plantings.
Idea & Tips 

Lack of water will cause plant to lose it's blooms. Keep well watered for best performance.