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New Introduction 2004 - Salvia Black and Blue

Salvia Black and Blue

Salvia (Salvia guaranitica) 'Black and Blue' blurs the line between purple and blue but there's no doubting its eye appeal. The spikes of deep blue/purple flowers with black calyx set it apart from all other salvias.

It grows about 1-metre high and creates a brilliant display in landscapes and mixed herbaceous borders.

Like other salvias the 'Black and Blue' grows easily in full sun and ordinary garden soil.

Salvia Black and Blue is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina

Well-drained soil is necessary, especially during our wet winter season. There is risk of root rot if soil drains poorly.

The plants dislike overwatering.

For Salvia Black and Blue to look its best it really needs to be cut back severely in late winter or early spring so that it will remain a bit shorter & more compact.

 Flowers are present over a long period from mid-summer to deep into autumn.

Deadheading the spent flowers helps to keep the plant reblooming.

Too much shade will cause the stems to become elongated and fall over.

Too much fertilizer reduces the number of flowers produced.

Plant Facts

Garden Height (cm) - 100
Garden Spacing (cm) - 50
Planting Position -  Sun, part shade
Watering - keep moist, don't over
Soil -   Well drained
Feed -  once a season with balanced
Pests - None
Diseases - None
Flowers -  mid-summer to deep into
Uses      -  landscapes and mixed
               herbaceous borders
Idea & Tips 

If it per chance stops blooming before summer's end, cut it back by one-third to one-half & it will take off flowering anew.